just like me

A heartfelt and honest depiction of autism (and other cognitive disabilities) in the family. This is a beutifully written piece.

a diary of a mom

The questions took me back to that feeling, that desperate, lonely, feeling of being a broken version of everyone else around me. I remember how it felt to never have a character in a book, movie, t.v. show, or a song on the radio reflect who I was. I remember the feeling of looking around and simply never ever seeing myself.

Community Means A Lot Of Things , Outrunning the Storm

It is Superbowl Sunday, but Brooke and I are on a mission that has as much to do with football as, well, something that has nothing to do with football. Her Princess Ice Cream Party is in three hours, and we’re off to the market for the ice cream. But first, we’ve stopped for breakfast.

“Who else had an EEG?” she asks, as we cross the parking lot toward the bagel shop. She still pronounces it as a word…

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