13 Asperger’s and Autism Myths Debunked!

Understanding Asperger’s and autism is the first step toward accepting. When we understand the abilities people with disabilities have, as well as the challenges they face, we can accept them as members of our human community. And a strong community built on mutual respect and understanding benefits all members. A teen offers his perspective on growing up with Asperger’s.

Glass Footsteps

Several people suggested to me awhile ago that I should make a post about this. I think it’s a pretty important topic and there certainly is no shortage of myths about Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome!

Myth no. 1Everyone with Asperger’s has savant abilities and a high IQ

While it is true that most people with Asperger’s are very skilled or knowledgeable in one or more specific areas, it is not true that everyone with Asperger’s has a really high IQ. It may be true that Asperger’s is more common in those with savant abilities but not visa-versa; there is as much variance in intelligence levels in people with Asperger’s as there are in the rest of society. Most people with Asperger’s will have an average or high average IQ. It is also worth noting that people with Asperger’s usually have an unusual intelligence profile. For example when I was given a…

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