More Big Dreams from Syrian Girls

The most disenfranchised—Syrian migrant girls—hold the strongest hope, the most beautiful dreams.


Syrian Childrens Dreams
‘When we grow up we want to be…’ drawings by #Syrianrefugee #children | A World At School #hope #dreams


Dreams are powerful things, and so is photography. These Syrian girls show such strength and hope. Photographer Meredith Hutchison, in a project called Vision Not Victim, sponsored by the International Rescue Committee, invited Syrian refugee girls to dress in the roles they dreamed of one day taking on.  And, yes, each girl received a copy of the photo to remind her and inspire family.

Malala Speaks Up (Again) for Syrian Children


In this powerful video, Malala has hope that the Syrian child refugees will survive and one day be able to return home.  That hope, however, is dampened by the grave concerns she has for what may be the irreparable damage that has been done to these young lives.  The statistics are as staggering as they are frightening.

Malala tells their story for the world to hear.

It doesn’t have to be that way!  Syrian children need money for an education.  Let’s help them come home and rebuild their country.