Coming January 2021: Janusz Korczak. Educating for Justice

Janusz Korczak Educating for Justice

Springer on its website announced the publication later this year of a monograph on the pedagogy of Janusz Korczak, Educating for Justice. The monograph will be available in late 2020 as a softcover edition and an e-book.

My colleague, Dr. Joop W.A. Berding, a respected authority on Janusz Korczak, informed me of a book he has written. Educating for Justice will be an important addition to the Springer Briefs on Key Thinkers in Education monograph series (ISSN: 2211-937X). This monograph will be available later this year in both softcover and e-book editions. I was able to review a draft of the book and offer the following preview:

Few educators deserve praise and recognition more than Janusz Korczak. Although we already have an excellent biography of the Old Doctor in Betty Jean Lifton’s King of the Children, Dr. Berding’s Educating for Justice explores offers fresh insights into how Korczak dedicated his highly innovative teaching in the pursuit of justice. These include an ethos of respect for the child (as well as the rights of the child), by means of active participation—which Korczak conveyed through his Children’s Court. As we learn in Educating for Justice, for Korczak, pedagogy both in the best and worst of times was more than an act of teaching, but one of advocacy and love for children everywhere.

Many Korczak scholars have praised Dr. Berdin’s book.  When the book is released for publication, I will be able to include a more in-depth review in this space.

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