A Birthday Message from the Janusz Korczak Association of the U.S.A.

A message from Mariola Strahlberg, President, Janusz Korczak Association of the U.S.A., on the Old Doctor’s Birthday:

Dear Korczakians,
Today we are celebrating Janusz Korczak’s Birthday. Every year on this day I realize how blessed I am that I found my way to this very special human being. With each year I am amazed how much I learn by being connected with the wider Korczak community.
This year, for Korczak’s Birthday, Julie Scott is sharing with us three unique and more personal poems from her 8th grade Language Arts classes at the East Valley Middle School in Spokane, Washington. She was teaching these classes during spring 2021 to 90 students over a two-week period. The first two poems were written by students who really connected with Korczak’s story. The third poem is very unusual. The student asked Julie for permission to write something other than a found poetry poem and of course she was fine with that. In that poem you will find a fascinating metaphor where Korczak is a cloud and the orphans are his raindrops.  
I also asked the students to send us their wishes for today’s children and you can find their wishes after their poems.

Mariola published these works here; please take a moment to read them – they are treasures!

2 thoughts on “A Birthday Message from the Janusz Korczak Association of the U.S.A.

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