Praying for Peace – Shalom, Salaam

A field of sunflowers is seen in the fading evening light of a sunset.
Photo by Daniel L. Berek

This is supposed to be a time to celebrate. Eid-al-Fitr, concluding the holy month of Ramadan. Shavuot, the accepting of the Torah. Yet, in Israel and the Palestinian territories, there is war. Innocent Israeli and Palestinian civilians have been injured and killed; businesses have been ruined and homes destroyed.

In Prayer

From Alden Solovy, For the Return [of] Peace, To Bend Light:

For the Return of Peace
O Peace, you fleeting dream,
O Justice, you fickle hope,
Today we do not pray in your name.
Today we pray in the name of the children
Who have never met you,
Who have not been blessed
With your love or your truth.
Surely, their cries must someday
Drive you out of hiding,
Summoning you to cast your healing
Upon all the earth.

One G-d,
Ancient and merciful,
Justice and Peace are Yours.
Halt their retreat from the world
And send them to us for good.
Do it for the sake of Your name,
Do it for the sake of Your right hand,
Do it for the sake of holiness,
Do it for the sake of Your children,
So that all may live in the fullness of Your gifts,
As one family on earth,
Under Your canopy of love.

In Song

Tula Ben Ari, a very talented Israeli singer, an artist with Playing for Change,

“People lost their lives. Their homes. Adults and Children live in fear, trauma and uncertainty. My heart aches with the compassion of a mother who feels the pain of every woman man or child in this region no matter if they are Jewish , Muslim, or Christian. We are all the same.” She offers her sentiment in her beautiful performance of a Paul Simon song.

May There Be Peace

My heart aches for both my beloved Israel and my Muslim brothers and sisters. May this tragic conflict end and peace prevail. Shalom, Salaam.