Universal Pre-school Gains Ground, but There’s Just One Little Thing…

Universal Pre-shool Gains Ground, but There's Just One Little Thing...

On Tuesday, there was a renewed call for universal pre-K.   On the op-ed page of the New York Times for January 31, two columnists offered their perspectives:

Nicholas Kristof explains why this is a valuable investment, both socially and financially.  <http://nyti.ms/1ezzTUA

The issue of universal pre-K would be a movie star icon if it were an actor, says Gail Collins. It’s hot. It’s sexy. But only those willing to show how they will pay for it deserved the floodlights.  <http://nyti.ms/LseGFc

The PEW Charitable Trusts issued this report.   <http://bit.ly/Ml2aHD


The Long Walk Marches On

The Long Walk Marches On

My heart aches for your passing but sings with joy with your greatness. You started a long walk to freedom and kept on waking; even after finding freedom, you continued your march for human justice. You are a titan among men, a Mohandas Gandhi, a Martin Luther King, Jr. Though I bid you farewell, Madiba, you will be in the hearts of people everywhere – most important, children.

The New York Times cover is right not to mention the word “death” on its eloquent front cover.

Learning from Children While We Teach Them

Learning from Children While We Teach Them

School children created this quilt to express their feelings about the Holocaust. They were given the assignment to show what they learned; instead, they ended up teaching adults what we need to know. This is part of a Holocaust exhibit at the National Museum of the United States Air Force, Dayton, OH. (Though I was there to photograph historic airplanes, I came across this poignant surprise.)